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ClickKosh2.0 Review: How Turn Your Images Into Revenue Generating Machines

By Sanjay Banerjee | IM

Jan 18

If you are doing online marketing for any longer than 5 minutes, you must know the importance of visual content. A piece of content packed with visually appealing images attracts more attention. I hope you are already aware of this fact so I won’t waste any more time on this subject.

What I would like to focus on today is- How you can monetize those images and use them to generate more leads, sell more products, or generate more revenue!

Not just that…

…I’ll also explain how you can create those images by yourself, without hiring a designer or a programmer!

So, let’s dive right into it!

In today’s era, hundreds of tools are being released in the market every month. So marketing is not just getting more and more competitive, but also very confusing. We are constantly exposed to new tools, and believe it or not, not every tool is worth your money. Most (about 80%) of these tools create no growth in your numbers and in your revenue, most of them just “look” useful!

Other 10% are downright scams, they are just created by scam artists to make a quick buck and rip you off. Once you buy them, you’ll face an endless stream of bugs, and you’ll never get your money back because that scam artist is already drinking wine, on a fine beach, from your hard earned money.

The other 10% of these tools are really useful. They are the ones that really move the needle. They are the ones that increase your sales and revenue. But, guess what? Most of these “useful” tools are so complex that it will take months for you to figure out the best possible way to use them. If you are an online marketer, you already know what I am talking about, right?

But every once in a while, A star is born! The one tool that increases your sales, is easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of time to learn its best use…

Today’s product review is about that “star”!

So, let me introduce to you- Sorry, not available now…SOLD OUT ……C

ClickKosh is a web app that converts old boring images into Shoppable Images using overlays. It helps to make every image live with the overlay Technology resulting in more sales.

You can put “Hotspots” on your images which will open up a pop when your customer will hover or click on the hotspot! And you can sell a product, generate a lead, or display a video through that popup. A hotspot is an overlay on an image that has certain functionality.

And the good part is- the pop up is not that full screen popup that makes your customers run away! It is a small popup that only opens up when someone hovers over or clicks on the hotspot, and its size is smaller than the size of the image, which makes it really engaging! As you can see in the picture:

How does it work?

When I first signed up for ClickKosh, I was pretty sceptical. The interface was so straight forward that I thought this tool won’t help much! As marketers, our mind is wired to see complexity. We think that everything that is not complex is incapable of doing great things. So, I concluded that ClickKosh won’t help much. I thought I have been scammed and my money is gone.

But once I started putting my hands on the tool- I was proven wrong in no time! It worked, and it worked amazingly well! So well, that I was just blown away for a second.

And then, I started using the tool, and here is what I learned about using it:

As you can see in the above picture, the main menu items are the ones that help you in navigating through the tool, but under the ‘image’ option- the real magic happens!

Once you click on the ‘Image’ tab under the main menu section, all you have to do is add a new image (the one on which you want to put your hotspots), and click ‘Next’.

Now you will reach the interface you can see in the above picture. After that, select the hotspot type you want to select, the background colour of the hotspot, the icon color, and activate any sound if you want to.

That’s it!

You have successfully converted your image into a revenue generating machine!

The good thing is that you can drop any number of hotspots on a single picture by clicking on the location you want your hotspot on. But I will suggest you to use only one or maximum two hotspots on a single picture because too many will just confuse your audience.

You can further customize your hotspot by clicking on the hotspot, as shown below.

You can see the hotspot under the red arrow, and the customization menu will look similar to the box you can see above. You just have to put in the right information there that you want to display to your customers. Click ‘Close’ once you are done.

If you want to edit the picture to enhance its quality, you also have an inbuilt photo-editor! All you have to do is scroll down and click on ‘Edit image’.

A decent photo-editor will pop up:

Before finalizing your picture, you can also preview it to see what it looks like. When you are content with your design, hit ‘Save’ and you’re done!

The Good Things About ClickKosh:

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly for Non-techies
  • Fully-customizable
  • No Programming Knowledge required
  • A Full training library is available under the main menu, to help you out

The Bad Things About it:

  • Some of its features are hidden in the backend upsells (but you don’t really need them to win)!
  • You cannot use it on Social Media. Otherwise it works on almost every Page Builder and CMS!
  • Tried hard but didn’t find any other bad thing about the tool! I will update this article if I find another one!

The Benefits:

  • Using Hotspots strategically on your pictures will boost your conversion rates through the roof!
  • The sound feature will get them to pay attention!
  • Using hotspots creatively will increase the Engagement on your page!
  • You’ll be able to convert more and more of your traffic!
  • These hotspots and images are as powerful on mobile as on desktop!
  • You don’t have to go out of the tool to edit your images as they have a decent in-built editor!
  • And it’s TOO simple to use!

The Pricing:

No, No! It’s not some crazy amount like $200/month or $100/month, or even $50/month.

Heck, you can also forget that “Per Month” part of the equation! It’s not a monthly subscription!

In the special deal period, it’s going to be sold for $29 only, for lifetime. Just pay 29 bucks, and you keep it forever.

Just think about it! You can use it on your website, on any page-builder, on your ecommerce store, on your infographics, and even on your sales page! And you can try it for 30-days risk free because they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are thinking to buy it, from my experience, I can say that this is going to be one of the best and rewarding investments you’ll ever make in your business.

You can check it out here—Sorry, not available now…SOLD OUT ……


ClickKosh is one of the most effective marketing tools present in the market (according to my experience). It is really the one that can help you in growing your business online. Marketing is not just about getting attention; it’s about leveraging that attention to persuade your audience into taking action.

ClickKosh does the same.Sorry, not available now…SOLD OUT …… converts that attention you get on your images into leads, sales, and revenue!

Its simple to use user-interface, its amazing functionality, and its unbeatable pricing model makes it the shining star in the market! I’d highly recommend it to bloggers, ecommerce experts, freelancers, and agency owners. But I would ask “Social media guys” to stay away from it because its functionalities don’t work on platforms like instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc.

That was all I had to mention about ClickKosh. Now the decision is upto you, weather you buy it or not!

Please let me know in the comments if you like this article review? And also let me know what do you think about ClickKosh if you are already using it?

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