Do you want 360 times More Quality Leads in only 10 Days ?

Do you have a Conversion Focused Website ?

Are you following ethical S.E.O. – Search Engine Practices ?

What is the CTR for Google Adwords or for Facebook ?

Well do you want to be confused further ?

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If not , realise that we can discuss techniques , only when we understand your present understanding of the Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing scenario, we will recommend you the Changes which you need to do for your Organization.

Some of the things which we suggest are :

S.E.O. :

Index Management not done properly

Localization Problems

Check your site for Spam SEO

Are your Anchor Texts over optimized ( by some over enthusiastic Team member ?)

Is Google Analytics / FB tracking installed on your website ?

Are Meta Descriptions and Title in sync with the relevant TOS ( Terms of Service) of Google ?

Facebook Advertising :

Are you Targeting the right set of audience ?

Are you tracking the Click Through Rates ? ( CTR )

Is your Team following the TOS ( Terms of Service) of Facebook ?

Is you’re a/B Testing yielding rich results ?

Are you getting a proper ROI ? ( Return of Investment)

Google Adwords :

Is your Team doing keyword stuffing ?

Are you optimizing your CTR ?

Are your Negative Key Words , creating a mess with the active keywords ?

Hire us to Train your Team .

Following are the Topics in which we provide Corporate Training :

CMMI Frameworks

Crafting your Digital Framework

Creating Thought Leadership in your given Vertical

Digital Marketing to get a better ROI ( Return On Investment)

Pricing Strategies for your Digital Info Products

Optimize your Social Media for your Business

Growth Hacking Techniques

Pricing Strategies

S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization

Google Adwords

Facebook Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

Understanding Inbound Marketing and its Impications

Creating Data Driven Frameworks for your Organisation

Date Driven Marketing for your Organisation

Reputation Management Techniques for Business Growth

Advanced Web Analytics and your Business

Other Soft Skills

Do you want to add a New Dimension to your Digital Marketing Activity ?