April 19, 2020

Background noise Cancellation

Krisp.ai Review :

I had purchased this software and using since last 1 year and completely satisfied.

Do you work from Home and embarrassed when your kid calls out or your dog barks( in the background) ?

Are you travelling out of Town, trying to have a webinar in a Coffee Shop and wish no one talks in the background?

The Company behind Krisp.ai : Krisp Technologies, Inc

Pricing :

Krisp is one and only AI-based noise-canceling application which removes background sound during your calls.

Krisp is compatible with any type of VoIP Application (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Webex, etc) . It’s additionally suitable with any kind of headset or microphone you have.

Krisp is utilized by many countless customers and businesses worldwide and was identified as 2018 Item of the Year on ProductHunt.

Krisp.ai , doing it’s work : in action

What problem did krisp.ai solve?

I am in the B2B Marketing Space. I travel globally. Many a times, I have to make Skype calls to my Prospects/Clients. I have personally tested more than 239 headphones till date. Till date, I could not find the perfect headphone. Nature/God blessed me and I installed Krisp software on my laptop. It helped me to solve my problem. I am less stressed when I make calls , since Krisp software blocks the background noise completely. I find doing my webinars enjoyably ( since I do not have to bother about noise in a Coffee Shop or if I am at home)

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33+yrs in B2B Marketing; provide Digital Marketing for SME/SMB and Manufacturing Companies. S.E.O, Digital SalesFunnel; Domain Investor, Marketing Strategy Consulting, MBA

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