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Get Lead and Sales

Do you have a Conversion Focused Website ?

Are you following ethical S.E.O. – Search Engine Practices ?

What is the CTR for Google Adwords or for Facebook ?

Well do you want to be confused further ?

Read further :

If not , realise that we can discuss techniques , only when we understand your present understanding of the Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing scenario, we will recommend you the Changes which you need to do for your Organization.

Some of the things which we suggest are :

S.E.O. :

Index Management not done properly

Localization Problems

Check your site for Spam SEO

Are your Anchor Texts over optimized ( by some over enthusiastic Team member ?)

Is Google Analytics / FB tracking installed on your website ?

Are Meta Descriptions and Title in sync with the relevant TOS ( Terms of Service) of Google ?

Facebook Advertising :

Are you Targeting the right set of audience ?

Are you tracking the Click Through Rates ? ( CTR )

Is your Team following the TOS ( Terms of Service) of Facebook ?

Is you’re a/B Testing yielding rich results ?

Are you getting a proper ROI ? ( Return of Investment)

Google Adwords :

Is your Team doing keyword stuffing ?

Are you optimizing your CTR ?

Are your Negative Key Words , creating a mess with the active keywords ?

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